Today, we live in a world that we can call highly materialistic, and we are all programmed to be obedient consumers without even realizing it from our young ages. Every day we are exposed to an average of hundreds of marketing messages, spending our hard earnings from a job we don't like to get things we don't need to attract people we don't like.

But we are more than a significant increase in productivity over the past 20 years. So much so that the average employee can create more value per unit of time than ever before. Still, employee wages do not increase proportionately. Often it stays at the same level, and even salaries may drop from time to time. All the beneficial outputs of this process (you can call it "high profit" if you wish) fall to the share of the employer or company owners. It is this fundamental factor that underlies the impoverishment of the poor more and more while the rich people get richer.

It is a fact that the average world citizen has access to much more goods than before. Meta surplus has never been at such high levels as it is today. But what is very sad at this point is that the state of commodities is not improving because even though productivity and wages are increasing at times, people find themselves increasingly in debt. Many of us are going into another debt to get something we most likely never needed.

Being an Innovative Manufacturer

The vast majority of people lead a consumer life. Many of them have to live under debt for this. They enslave themselves and narrow their options. But by its very nature, the earth also has people who live the other way, such that they supply their products to the majority mentioned in the previous sentence. These productive people have a completely different mindset. They feel motivated to be innovative, solve problems, and come up with great products and services that create value. In fact, we all have enough capacity to innovate, create something new, provide value, and produce different products or services. Anyone can be not only a successful entrepreneur, but also an investor, property owner, freelancer, or produce and sell new products in their spare time. There are so many ways to become a producer that you can free yourself from living just by consuming by becoming a producer. The sooner you determine your side, the easier your life will be. You will start to have more ideas, become more aware of the opportunities around you, and become much more resistant to the marketing messages around you, and even more importantly, your passion for creating and contributing to the world will begin to wake you from your sleep.

The transition from a consumer mindset to a productive one can be one of the greatest things you have accomplished in your life. Once you start creating value and getting richer over time, you can start consuming. Never forget the fact that producers always tend to get rich and consumers tend to get poor. Suppose you add value to the world. Think of yourself as an innovative person, entrepreneur, businessman, visionary, and value creator. Imagine you are an investor or a company owner. In such a situation, you would very likely have a passion to invest, save and produce instead of spending money.

It is possible to take being a producer to a completely different level. If you have a consumer mindset, you are unlikely to think about anything other than what to buy for your lover on Valentine's Day. Whereas in a similar situation, a producer will ponder what he can sell on Valentine's Day. He will see millions of potential buyers around him ready to buy something as proof of their love.

Similarly, while consumers buy things in shopping malls, producers are the people who sell these products. While consumers borrow money to buy products, producers are the lenders of money. While consumers buy gifts on every holiday and special trip, manufacturers see these types of holidays as an opportunity to sell something to people in need.

Think about people's needs. In this context, think about how you can create value for the world. Consider how you can solve people's problems. Go through all the business ideas you have, if you don't have one, brainstorm to create ideas as soon as possible. Think about your dreams and abilities and how you can commercialize them.

Transforming from a Consumer to a Productive Mind
Turning from a consumer to a person with a productive mind is not as easy as it might seem, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips to support you on this path:

• Multiply the price of even the smallest thing you buy by 10. Because this price is the real cost of what you purchase has caused you. If you were to use this money for investment, most likely the return on your investment in 25 years would be that much.

• Everything you buy doesn't just cost you money. It will also cost you freedom, space in life, your future, and the number of options you have. You can look at your own life and see how everything you buy, especially those you buy with debt, has enslaved your life.

• Every time you receive your salary, set aside some of the money for your future and deposit it into your savings account that you have created for yourself. You can think of this money as a kind of expense. Enjoy the confidence of saving money. Whenever you see your neighbor's cool car and you feel bad, check your savings account for feeling good.

• Wait 2 or 3 months for bigger purchases, don't make sudden decisions. If you still need what you desire to buy, you can make the purchase decision. Remember, it is the biggest factor that tests your desire to waste time.

• Try to live a more minimalistic life instead of buying things you will never use. Get rid of unnecessary excess in your life.

• If you have difficulty controlling your spending, make friends with someone who is much more successful in money management than you. Such a person will have a positive effect on you, so you will be able to save more money.

Tips for Having a Productive Mindset:

• Be a smarter consumer, educate yourself, compare the prices of products, make sure you understand the tax system well, read financial statements, in short try to be better equipped about financial issues.

• Read books on investment and business. Because with these books, you will not only learn new things, but also increase your motivation to save more money and add more value to the world. If you do not know where to start reading, our article "Must Read by Every Entrepreneur" may help you.

• Spend more time with investors and producers. Join communities of entrepreneurs and investors, make new friends, go to conferences.

• If you think you are not a good investor, invest in yourself. Strengthening your abilities and mindset and having a better life strategy is one of the best ways to invest in yourself, try them out.

• Take a long-term approach. It may take years for people to change their mentality, gain new competencies, turn into a real producer and start creating value. You have to know the markets well, develop new skills and expand the social network around you. Your learning curve can be quite long, it can take you a lot, it may require you to work hard, but the point you reach will show you that it is worth it. You will experience tremendous satisfaction not only because you create more money-making opportunities, but also because you create value and benefit the world.

• Start by trying to create something small and sell it. Maybe you can try to sell things you don't need at home in the first place. Identify small opportunities at your disposal to make money. Focus on making small amounts of wins first, then growing them.

• Develop your bargaining muscles. Many people don't feel comfortable negotiating and trying to get the best possible price. If you think you are not suitable for this job, you can cooperate with someone who can do this for you.

• Make sure that the person you are collaborating with understands your goals and supports them. While you are trying to save, invest and produce money, if your partner is only busy with spending and consuming money, things will not go well for you. In addition to investing in yourself, choosing the right person to cooperate with is one of the most strategic moves in becoming a producer.

• Take a look at other things you consume in your life that are not really necessary (television, unhealthy food, etc.). Look at your time and energy as a valuable resource in your life, it is up to you to waste these resources or use them as a smart investment tool.

• Reflect on how you can create products with real value. If you're aiming for long-term success, try to create value that people really need and want to use or take advantage of. Create products on which you will proudly write your own name. To help with this, you can check out our post titled "Ways to find good business ideas to make a profit".

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