All Successful Entrepreneurs Have Courage: If you have never tried to start a company before, you can fall into the legend of success in one night. But achieving real, sustainable success in entrepreneurship takes years of careful planning, hard work, and more importantly, unwavering courage.

One day, I started my presentation at an industrial conference with a timeline of the growth of our company, I was describing our first 10 years as our "growth years". Then a woman approached me with big eyes and raised eyebrows.

“I can't believe your growing years have gone on so long,” he said. "I was hoping the last 18 months would be my growing years - now I'm ready to move on to a more successful period."

While it can achieve success faster than any of us, moving to a high-performance era takes time no matter what. To survive your growing years you need to be determined and patient - not to mention you have the courage to go all the way.

No matter how long it takes for your idea to pay off, courage is the key to this job. This is the spiritual feature that distinguishes those who take care of this job but cannot do what is necessary and those who are committed to their work. Here are 4 reasons why courage is an integral part of entrepreneurship..

1. Entrepreneurship is hard work.

Many entrepreneurs sacrifice many things in order to build a successful business by putting their personal lives on the line. Being brave enough to take a step back when things start to go wrong in your life will help you be more balanced and save you from paying high prices.

2. Entrepreneurship is a risky business.

High risk is a tough obstacle for any business. Fortunately my wife was working. In this way, I didn't feel like our whole lives were in danger while trying to establish my company. But for some, most, if not all, of their personal savings may be in danger. It takes great courage and commitment to take such a financial risk. Thanks to courage and business commitment, the entrepreneur can increase his chances of success and create new opportunities in the future for partnerships or sales that will minimize risk.

3. Decisions either screw you or take you out.

Entrepreneurs are always full of new ideas; but you have to be both brave and honest enough to decide which ones to focus on and which to shelve, especially if you have a lot of risk. You should have a clear understanding of your value proposition. Thus, you can highlight your strengths and increase your chances of success.

My company was offering a number of services that were new to the market at that time, because we believed that we had a good chance of winning this way. But we were also able to retreat and watch the development of projects without jumping right over them.

A business consultant once gave me advice that I'll never forget: “Entrepreneurs like you never have trouble finding new ideas, but you can't chase them all. To be able to say yes to the best ideas, you must learn to say no to most good ideas. ”

I can think of 100 things I'd like to try, but most of them will never come to light. The more courage it takes to step the brakes and reduce damages, the more courage it takes to know when to do everything.

4. To be successful, you need to disturb your comfort and move outside of your comfort zone.

Part of being an entrepreneur is doing things you don't like or don't know how to do. This is one of the classic turning points for a leader. Thus, he realizes that he has to train and develop himself as an entrepreneur.

Some leaders can't get past this difficult period because they don't want to admit that they don't have all the answers. If you are ready to develop as a leader, you can take advantage of these opportunities not only for your own development but also for the development of your project and the team you lead. Entrepreneurs are people who can do anything by pushing their personal fears to the fullest.

There is no manual to guide the entrepreneur, you learn most things as you experience them. But when I look back, I can see how important being brave is for my company's success. Thanks to my courage, I was able to find balance, took smart risks, made good choices, and continued to thrive as a leader.

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