If you are really serious about being successful in life then there is nothing better to do than educate yourself with inspiring stories of people who have succeeded in life. Many people who want to be successful in life, career, or business often do not do so because they don't know what it takes to be successful and what the path to success is. They only see people who are successful and reap the fruits of it, and of course they cannot see at first glance what that person has given up or how much effort they have tried until they reach this level.

1- The Success Story of Yogurt King Hamdi Ulukaya

- Hamdi Ulukaya was born in a remote village of Erzincan, which upset the American yogurt industry.
- When he was young, his family earned a living by selling milk and yogurt.
- In America, where he went to learn languages, he found yoghurts disgusted and got into this business.
- He bought a dairy on loan and slept in the dairy for the first 2 years.
- It captured half of the yoghurt industry in only 5 years.
- In 2012, he was awarded the entrepreneur of the year in America.
- He has a fortune of 2 billion dollars today

2. Meet the 93-Year-Old World's Best Sushi Chef!

You must dedicate yourself to mastering a skill. This is indispensable for success. All I want to do is make better sushi.

Today, to go to the restaurant of Jiro Ono, one of the best sushi chefs in the world, you have to book 6 months in advance and pay $ 350 for a 15-minute meal. So how did Jiro Ono reach these days? Here is a brief summary:

He was abandoned by his alcoholic father when he was 7 years old. At the age of 9, he had to work to support his family. He entered a sushi restaurant as an apprentice and, despite being subjected to violence by his boss, he did not quit.

On the basis of Jiro Ono's story; ingenuity, perfectionism, and a persistent pursuit of perfection.

3. From Tailor Apprenticeship to Zara: Amancio Ortega

Known as the founder of Zara, Amancio Ortega is among the top 10 rich people in the world with a fortune of $ 68 billion. However, it did not reach this position very easily. There are many lessons to be learned from the story of the entrepreneur who started his business life as an apprentice with a tailor.

4- The Story of Socihora Honda whose Job Application for Toyota was Denied and Its Factory Was Bombed in the War

Soichiro Honda is the founder of the world famous Honda company. Honda's story begins with a job interview at Toyota. This firm is turning down Sochiro Honda, saying it is not suitable for the job. Honda does not give up and decides to establish his own company that will compete with Toyota and Honda is born. If there is one thing to learn from this story, it is to never give up!

- He was expelled from the vocational school he studied.
- He started working in the repair shop when he was only 15 years old and thanks to his hard work he became the head of the workshop in a short time.
- He contradicted the ideas of his boss and set up his own workshop with his wife's gold.
- He returned from death in the race he participated in with his own designed vehicle.
- His old company was bombed by American planes in World War II and Toyota bought his company, which was in ruins.
- One year later he founded the present Honda company.

5.The Story of Burt Munro, whose speed record he broke in 1967 is still not passed

Burt Munro, who is seen as a veteran in the motorcycle world, developed an old model motorcycle throughout his life and enabled it to speed up to 300 km per hour. The record of Burt Munro, whose story is also the subject of the movie "Legendary Man", has not been broken yet.

6. Bill Gates success story

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsof, is one of the most inspiring living leaders in business these days, but did you know that his idea of creating a computer with a graphical user interface and mouse was rejected when he presented it to another company? Some people even say that the employers threw the papers with the project in the face and so he became Bill Gates.

At the age of 13, he hacked a high school computer for free use.
He specialized in coding when he was only 15 years old.
He entered Harvard with 1590 points over 1600 points in the university exam.
When he learned that the first personal computer would come out, he left school and founded Microsoft.
He hadn't written a line of code yet when he announced the Windows operating system.
At 31, he became the world's youngest billionaire and at 39 the richest man.

7. The success story of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, the world's most valuable company, is now the richest man in the world. So how do you think he achieved such a success?

He was raised by his stepfather.
He invented a solar-powered pan and robot at a young age.
He went to his grandfather's farm in the summer until he was 16 and worked as a shepherd.
While at the school he told his teachers that the future of humanity is in space.
Seeing that the Internet has grown by 2300%, he quit his excellent job and turned to this field.
He set up Amazonu in his home garage with stove.
Today, he is the richest person in the world with a fortune of $ 139 billion.

8.Richard Branson's success story, who founded thousands of companies under the name of Virgin

If your dreams are not daunting, these are very small dreams.
The famous and charismatic British businessman Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group, is a self-created name from scratch.

Richard Branson, who has a lawyer father and a hostess mother, comes from a middle-class family. But his family instilled in him the confidence and passion that would make him one of the richest people in the world.

Branson, who established his first business with his own money and gradually expanded his business, today has billions of dollars in investments in many areas such as space, media and aviation.

He dropped out of high school at the age of 16 due to dyslexia.
He earned his first money from the magazine he published for young people at the age of 17.
Unable to find a plane ticket to go to his girlfriend, he started his own airline company.
Upon his friend's words: “We are all virgins in trade,” he named his companies “Virgin”, meaning “virgin”.
He became the first person to cross the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon in 1991.
 Today, it has more than 400 companies and a fortune of 5 billion dollars.

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