Entrepreneurs (or entrepreneur candidates) think that their ideas must be bright, original, and special in order to be successful in their careers. This is not true as it might seem! Finding a business idea is not as difficult as it seems, the important thing is to put the business idea into action.

Man is a creative being. Some are very creative, some less creative; but in the end, we are all people who think, come up with ideas, generate ideas.

The important thing is not how many ideas you have, but how many of those ideas you can turn into reality.

Let's do an exercise.

Make a list of ideas that come to mind. Take out a pen and paper or open a Word file. Number the ideas that come to mind and write this idea briefly next to it.

It's a good idea if an idea can solve a large number of people's problems and they are willing to pay for their problems. At this point, you can eliminate the ideas of a solution that nobody will pay or a solution that is not a cure for anyone.

So entrepreneurship is more about dreaming, it's about putting ideas into action and putting them into action.

For example, if you offer a real solution to a real problem, you can increase from 0 to 10. At this point, 10 means the solution of the problem and 0 means the lack of a solution for the problem. This way you can operate in the market. So how big does a market need to be for a business idea? 100 people? 1000 people? 1 million people? You have to decide this.

In general, the payment status of people for business ideas consists of 5 situations:

He doesn't want to pay in any way.
After seeing whether the solution is effective or not, he wants to decide.
He wants to pay, but doesn't know how much he has to pay.
He wants to pay, but does not want to go beyond a certain budget.
He wants to get the solution (product-service) at any cost. He doesn't care about the price.
The most ideal situation is of course the last. That is, the customer wants to buy the product without caring about the price.

Execution Matters More Than Idea

Having business ideas means you're dreaming, which is a good thing. However, daydreaming is an enjoyable act in itself. "You cannot be fed up just by dreaming." However, as long as you can return to reality after dreaming and make these dreams concrete, you will be successful in your entrepreneurial career. The same is true for other professions. A writer may think of wonderful things while dreaming, but when he cannot put these thoughts on paper and publish them as a novel, no one knows that this person is a great literary figure.

In this respect, do not overvalue your ideas. Ideas don't make much sense unless there is action. Brainstorming, thinking about new business ideas is a risk-free activity because you don't end up losing anything. But every second you don't take action, you lose time and money.

Let's say you have a great business idea. So what if people other than you think the same thing? Let's look at the products on the market. The vast majority of them are the same. The authenticity of a product does not guarantee success. The concrete action of an idea is much more meaningful than the dreams and product ideas stored in a notebook. Also remember that ideas can be stolen, but put into action; It is not easy to steal an idea that has been put into a product or service.

As you can see, the idea is the ticket to an entrepreneurial adventure. The idea is essential but doesn't guarantee you success. To be successful, you need to make your idea come true.

If you go a long way by analyzing your ideas and choosing the ones that will benefit you the most. After deciding which idea to go after, you need to plan. For this, "preparing a business plan" is of great importance.

What job will you do?
What trouble will you be remedy?
What kind of calendar do you have?
What are the preparations you need to do?
Who is your target customer?
Who are your competitors? What will separate you from them?
You should prepare a business and action plan by answering such critical questions.

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