Steve Jobs left behind a great legacy. It is possible to learn very useful lessons from his life. Computer and technology aside, there is a lot we can learn from Steve Jobs in almost every aspect of business life. This includes human resources and recruitment processes.

In this article, we will share with you Steve Jobs' experiences and advice on human resources.

1. Don't Hire the Wrong Person

We usually see that a person is the wrong person only after it is too late. However, this situation has a much greater effect in the example of Steve Jobs.

Jay Elliott was one of Apple's top executives and was hired by Steve Jobs himself. Elliott describes his former boss's strategy on human resources:

“Steve has always been a very good man of the needs. However, he was not too hard on the qualification he was looking for. Sometimes it captures a detail that none of us have seen and says, "Here's the right person I'm looking for." he would say. "

But Steve Jobs has also recruited the wrong people. "I recruited the wrong person and it ruined my 10 years," he told CNN in an interview. for example he said.

In this context, hiring the wrong people carries various risks, both emotionally and financially.

In other words, if it is seen that a person who earns 100,000 lira annually is the wrong choice, we can say that firing this person causes 2.5 times more cost. Unfortunately, even if you made a wrong decision and want to return from the wrong one, you have to bear this price.

2. Hire the Best People

Jobs says in the documentary Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine made about him:

"The most important task of a person like me is recruitment."

Jobs' companion Steve Wozniak likewise views:

“If you choose your employees among talented people, this will motivate each employee individually. Of course, the resulting work would be much more than the sum of the individual works. The feeling of working in the same environment with first-class people makes the company step up; this is part of a clear and solid vision. For all of this to be true, you need to hire the best people. ”

So how can you employ the most successful people in your field? How can you attract talented people who can adapt to your company's culture?

Elliott says:

“The greatest strength of a company is its employees. Bright people want to work in companies where bright people work. Therefore, consult your employees during the recruitment process and try to recruit the person they admire. Recruitment upon recommendation both speeds up the process and the rate of permanent and success of the newcomer is higher. "

3. Your Mission Is To Clearly Express Your Vision

Whichever industry you operate in, your primary task in the recruitment process should be marketing your vision.

“Apple is a company. However, as Apple, we have succeeded in demonstrating that we are not only a company focused on making money, but that we have an emotional side. This is one of Steve's greatest achievements. " says Andy Gringon, one of Apple's former engineers.

As a recruiter (eg human resources manager), you do not give candidates your products, services, insurance or other personal rights; describe your vision. These people should believe that they can innovate with you and trust your mission and vision.

4. Conduct the Recruitment Process Collectively

You cannot hire yourself. To make the most successful candidates your most successful staff, you need to move forward with a collective understanding.

Steve Wozniak says applicants are seeing people from many departments. In other words, a candidate applying to Apple for software engineering meets with R&D managers as well as design and marketing managers.

In this way, more people see the candidate, and people in different departments also express their opinions about whether this person will suit the company.

It takes time, admit it. But this is the only way to determine the best candidate.

You have started up and are looking for a partner. You scrutinize it to find the right person. Because this person will take over half of the company. So why would you pay less attention when you hire five more employees for your company?

When you employ 8 bright and 2 mediocre people, why would you entrust 20% of your company to people you do not trust?

That's why even a company like Apple with tens of thousands of employees chooses each candidate carefully.

In this context, you should examine each candidate during the recruitment process and, if necessary, carry out the process collectively.

5.Don't Be Afraid To Employ

Jobs says:

“It doesn't make much sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. At Apple we hire smart people to tell us what to do.

Over the years, I've learned this: If you have successful and talented people, you can leave them alone. It is enough to hire these people to do great work. "

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