• Risky Business
    It's a good story about what to do when you buy your dad's Porsche brand to go for a ride and realize you need a lot of money. Joel realizes that when his parents are away and he has no responsibility, procuring cash is not as easy as he thought. It's an interesting movie about what people do to find some money when they're in trouble.
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  • The Aviator
    Some guys dream of the future. He built it.

    A biographical film about the career journey of Howard Hughes, an aviator and also a manager, from the late 1920s to the mid 1940s. What makes him so great is neither the money he makes nor the time he spends. What sets it apart from its competitors is its attention to detail and perfectionism. From rival companies to malicious gossip, he faces a lot of difficulties along the way, but nothing prevents him from becoming the person he wants to be.
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  • Forrest Gump
    The touching and surprising story of a mentally retarded teenager.

    The story of a well-intentioned man who accidentally succeeds extraordinarily by living his life the best he knows. He wins medals, becomes a professional ping-pong player, starts a run, owns a large shrimp company, and inspires everyone across the country. Forrest's simple nature makes him sympathetic because it proves that you don't have to be superintelligent to do something useful. All you have to do is try.
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  • The Social Network
    You cannot make 500 million friends without a few enemies.

    It's a true life story of a young, successful and intelligent man turning into the world's youngest millionaire. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator and owner of Facebook. This story is quite surprising and that's what makes the movie famous. Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Harvard with great arrogance and potential, establishes a new social network based on Harvard e-mail addresses, the most prestigious e-mail addresses in the country, and thus Facebook falls into his womb.
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  • Catch Me If You Can
    The true life story of a young man who disguised himself as a pilot, doctor, lawyer, and history professor who cheated millions of dollars on checks. The most exciting point of this movie is how Frank Abagnale Jr., who cheats in different disguises, copes with the most difficult environments and the most stressful moments. Whether it's legal or not, business is business and Frank is the best at what he does.
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  • Pursuit of Happyness
    It is taken from an event that happened.

    It is a true story about the struggle to survive and fulfill the fatherhood of a man who lost his house, wife and money because he did not sell a product he believed so much. Despite all the adversities and hurdles, he takes an unpaid internship to become a stockbroker and fights against his colleagues for a single job. It's a powerful story about how to be patient with personal challenges in business.
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  • Office Space
    The job sucks.

    A movie that will make you want to get rid of desk jobs in the corporate world. Peter Gibbons gets promoted as he begins to be lazy and do things his way, but his new reckless attitude causes him to steal big money from the company.
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  • Trading Places
    Take two completely opposite strangers, make one rich and the other poor… Just watch the fun.

    What happens when you take it from the rich and give it to the poor? The social experiment led by Mortimer and Randolph Duke, who are brothers and owners of a brokerage firm, proves that very interesting things happen when roles change. This life-changing experience answers the question of what is more important in life.
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  • Jerry Maguire
    The rest of your life begins now.

    A New Beginning is the story of a beautiful fiancee, a man with great customers and reputation. But this man loses everything one day and life starts again. Everyone turns their backs on him, except for his unstable client, Rod Tidwell. From this point on, you will see that Jerry realizes what is really important in his work and life.
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  • Boiler Room
    Movement creates emotion!

    Seth Davis, a broker who left Queens College to impress his dad, realizes he has huge earning potential in front of him. But with commissions being bigger than any other company, Seth realizes that not everything is as good as advertised and must fight morality and legality for money and greed. Any young entrepreneur who sets out to start a business will likely face moral dilemmas.
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  • The Game
    The game has no rules.

    What can you get from a person who has everything? Nicholas Van Orton, played by Michael Douglas, is a wealthy San Francisco banker who has devoted his life to his work. However, his life will undergo fundamental changes with the birthday gift that his brother Conrad gave him. When bad things start happening to you, you start to question what really matters in life, work, success, and money.
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  • Wall Street
    Every dream has a price.

    Bud Fox, a young and ambitious broker, does everything in its power to be successful, and this includes a little bit of information trading. Watch this movie to see how your desire to succeed takes over your life and how the motto "ambition is good" affects your business. But what happens when you push your limits and are asked for something you can't or don't want to do? Fox suddenly comes to his senses when asked for help in an issue that is not only illegal, but would be morally condemned.
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  • Glengarry Glen Ross
    Lie. Kandir. Steal. These are all part of daily work.

    Competition and incentive are what determines who is the best in the fast-paced environment of the Chicago real estate world. That's why there are sales competitions. The first prize is Cadillac El Dorado, the second prize is the set of meat knives, and the third prize is the firing. As the amount of reward created increases, so does the pressure and the salesperson does everything in his power to succeed in his business.
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  • The Godfather
    It is one of the best movies in the world. The story of the transformation of a small family business into New York's largest organized crime family is told in Baba. Father and son Michael Corleone are the brains of the family, and this movie provides insight into what costs are paid to become one of the strongest families in the country.
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